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After ten years of success and prosperity, InterAir would like to thank all its partners, clients and employees for all their support through constant business and trust. Ten years but InterAir Routing personnel have approx. 20 years experience in total. Through the ten past years, InterAir has worked hard on building its global network, at the same time, it has worked harder on building its reputation to be considered as a customer oriented company. Here at InterAir, we believe that our clients, partners and employees are the real achievers of our success. Therefore, we would like to share with them each step we walk in the road of success.


InterAir maintains a vast database of aircraft, route, weather, airport, and accommodations data. Our team as well is comprised of experienced flight operation specialists, including licensed dispatchers and degreed specialists who understand the importance to a successful trip. The TSS team working on your trip knows you and your operation, and works as a team with your team. The result is proactive service at every turn. Our clients often remark that their InterAir team seems to know what they need even before they act


InterAir is one of the leading providers of aviation service requirement. Our core values rest on two pillars, quality care and customer service. We never sacrifice nor compromise on these values and hold them as the hallmark of our achievements. Our clients and partners have come to rely on us to maintain and build on this base and we will never disappoint.


InterAir will become the leader of choice for comprehensive aviation business services.Our commitment to quality care and customer service will be our trademark of distinction. Our highly experienced staff and impervious service have created our name synonymous with excellence in the aviation business field. Broadening our existing global reach will be our methodology in order to provide comprehensive benefits to our clients for their unmitigated aviation business needs.We will continuously improve and build up our coverage and services to certify to our clients that their trust in Inter Air is well placed.

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